Georgia’s Voter Turnout Levels Have Disproven the Suppression Narrative

As most Americans are well aware, the 2020 presidential election was riddled with multiple claims of voter fraud, ballot harvesting, and other foul play with the power to swing election results.

This led to states like Georgia and others passing election integrity laws to prevent any future ambiguity about the security of political races. Unfortunately, once Georgia’s election integrity law passed in 2021, it was immediately vilified as a “voter suppression” bill.

Democrats accused Georgia of backing Jim Crow-era regulations. This is exactly what Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, and other leftists repeatedly argued, despite the clear lack of evidence.

Even large companies like Major League Baseball and Coca-Cola jumped onto the bandwagon. However, the latest primary election in Georgia has completely put this false narrative of voter suppression to bed.

Historically High Levels of Voter Turnout
A review of early voting numbers alone speaks volumes about how Georgia’s 2021 election integrity bill affected voter turnout in the state.

Back in 2018, there were less than 300,000 early and in-person votes cast in the state’s midterm race. However, this year, Georgia saw nearly 800,000 residents vote early and in person.

In 2022’s overall primary election in Georgia, 857,401 people voted. This massive increase in people voting since the state’s election law passed doesn’t support left-wing arguments that Georgia officials suppressed the vote.

In fact, this argument further crumbles in the face of data showing minority voter turnout records. In 2022, there was an almost 100,000 jump in minority voters casting ballots than in 2018.

Democrats and multiple large companies argued that measures like voter IQ requirements and having to request absentee ballots (rather than the state simply mailing them out unsolicited) would force minorities out of the voting process.

The data that’s now readily available tells a very different story.

Radio Silence From the Other Side
Earlier this week, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) spoke with Breitbart News about the massive surge in voter turnout since the passing of election security legislation. Kemp slammed Biden and other Democrats as “hypocrites” for spreading demonstrably false claims about Georgia’s law.

Despite the public nature of Georgia’s voter turnout levels this year, Biden has not retracted his argument about the election security law being a Jim Crow regulation “on steroids.”

There’s also been zero word from Major League Baseball or Coca-Cola. Meanwhile, Georgia Republicans remain committed to ensuring that elections are held to the highest level of integrity.