German Consulate In Ukraine Struck By Russian Missiles

According to officials, the German embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine was bombed on Monday in a large-scale attack on civilian targets launched by Russia in response to the bombing of a key bridge connecting Crimea and Russia.

Chairman Sergej Sumlenny, the chairman of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, confirmed that the “building where the visa office of the German embassy in Kyiv was located was hit by the Russians” on Monday.

Sumlenny also suggested that the country send in some Leopard 2 main battle tanks to survey the damage.

On Monday morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin initiated a series of drone missile attacks on major civilian targets in Ukraine, including Kyiv, Lviv, and Kharkiv, resulting in an unconfirmed number of civilian deaths.

Following the attacks, Putin appeared on television to take credit for the bombings.

“If attempts to carry out terrorist attacks on our territory continue, Russia’s responses will be tough and will correspond in scale to the level of threats posed to Russia,” Putin said in the speech. “No one should have any doubts about this.”

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense wrote that Russia’s attacks will only reinforce the spirit of Ukrainian citizens.

In Kyiv, officials reported that at least six civilians died from the blasts and 51 were injured, in addition to an unconfirmed number of deaths and injuries across the nation.

Many worry about the damage caused to the energy infrastructure in Ukraine, as heat and power outages pose a threat to innumerable lives in the approaching winter months.

In his speech, Putin said that the missile strikes were in response to the “terrorist” attack over the weekend on the Kerch Bridge, which connects Crimea and mainland Russia.