Germans Searching For ‘Firewood’ Online As Winter Approaches

Europeans have been told throughout the summer to prepare for a different energy situation this winter, as sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s government over the war in Ukraine are hammering Westerners. The energy crisis in the West is looming even as Russia is seeing energy revenues greater than before sanctions were imposed.

Germany’s Deutsche Bank issued predictions last month that “wood will be used for heating purposes where possible” in Europe’s most industrialized nation.

Currently, as summer heat peaks, energy prices across Europe are hitting staggering record highs. The situation points toward severe problems in the cold of winter in a region that relies heavily on Russian natural gas for basic heating in addition to other everyday needs.

Wholesale prices for natural gas are running about eight times higher than average compared to recent years, and electricity prices across the continent have skyrocketed in response.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said last week that his government would “do everything” to help German citizens to get through the price inflation in the energy sector affecting all production in the country.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has reported that high-income European countries have already spent an additional 1% of annual national income on supporting energy price controls this year. The IMF said that figure is almost certainly an underestimate and will surely rise as cold weather approaches.

European nations with lower national incomes have been harder hit, with at least 1.7% of national income going to additional energy costs so far this year.

According to the IMF, the greatest concern is that subsidizing electricity producers to keep prices down does not really do anything to “incentivize energy savings.”

ZeroHedge reported on Friday that google searches for “Brennholz,” which in English is “firewood,” have exploded off the chart in Germany over the last few weeks.

As hard as it is to believe, Germans and other Europeans in highly developed first-world nations are now facing the reality that electricity has shifted from a staple good to a luxury at lightning speed.

Stephen Green with Instapundit commented on the story Monday morning, observing that “greens want you to be cold, miserable, and few in number.”

It remains to be seen whether the example being set across Europe will have an impact on the Biden administration and progressives who have been working their hardest to do away with the energy independence America achieved during the Trump administration.