Globalist Takeover By 2030 Is A Startling Possibility

In an era dominated by the looming threat of the “Great Reset,” the United Nations (U.N.) foresees a globalist agenda by 2030.

As skepticism arises, echoing the sentiment of the ill-informed, who claim such an event is impossible and dismiss it as the ramblings of tin-foil-hat-wearing conservatives, it is essential to take a step back and contemplate the reality of what this means.

To better grasp the magnitude of this predicament, let us transport ourselves to June 2016, exactly seven years ago. Then, the primary controversy surrounding the transgender community centered on their access to restrooms.

Bruce Springsteen’s cancellation of a North Carolina concert shed light on a state’s concerns about men entering women’s facilities. In response, those advocating for “safe spaces” argued against toxic masculinity — suggesting that allowing mentally ill men in dresses to share restrooms with young women and girls posed no danger.

The widespread opinion was that catastrophe was unlikely. However, seven swift years have passed, and a disheartening reality has surfaced. Cases involving trans individuals perpetrating acts of violence against children have come to light.

Despite the absence of violence against transgenders in men’s restrooms, society has undergone a remarkable transformation. The President of the United States now actively supports gender-affirming surgeries for confused teenagers as dissenting parents face potential arrest.

In just seven years, we have witnessed a dramatic shift from defending individuals’ restroom choices to imposing societal acceptance of identifying as animals. The trans rights movement has reached unprecedented levels of absurdity.

Merely questioning the validity of someone identifying as a cat led to a 13-year-old schoolgirl being berated by her male teacher, branding her as “despicable.” Over the past several years, our society has progressed from seeking tolerance for transgender individuals to a coercive environment where failure to conform results in punishment.

The future of our nation hinges on our response and many feel now is the time to take action. Become active in your local community by running for school board positions and stop supporting individuals or businesses who harbor animosity and disrespect towards you and your values.

As Elvis once melodiously proclaimed, “It’s now or never.” The globalist commies are banking on our silence. Let us not make it easy for them.