GoFundMe CEO ‘Runs And Hides’ Like Trudeau

In one of the more compelling political movements of our time, truckers worldwide are making their voices and horns heard regarding the draconian COVID mandates imposed by power-hungry politicians. The movement started in Canada, with thousands of trucks descending on Ottawa. As the peaceful protestors approached, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fled the city. As strong political moves go running away like a coward never polls well.

What started as a regional protest has spread across Canada, with support coming in from worldwide. One form of that support was a GoFundMe Campaign that reached over ten million dollars. It was a feel-good story about a feel-good movement. That is until the government of Canada started putting pressure on GoFundMe because it disagreed with the loyal opposition. GoFundMe froze the campaign and initially stated it would donate the money to other causes. In a sane world, that would be called theft.

Outrage from all over the world ensued as the tech elites once again were out of touch with any views outside their bubble. A competing campaign at GiveSendGo was immediately set up and raised over a million dollars in one day (it is substantially more than that now). As the world voiced its displeasure at GoFundMe, CEO Tim Cadogan did the honorable thing. He looked around at the landscape, prepared a statement, changed his mind, and went to hide. His first move was to disable his Twitter account.

Online trolls are the least of his problems. United States Republicans vowed to investigate the freezing of the donations. Governor DeSantis of Florida has chimed in as well about possible criminal sanctions. Selective treatment of the Canadian truckers compared to other protests might create legal liability for GoFundMe.

One thing is sure, everyone in positions of power, from Justin Trudeau (still hiding) to the tech elites, has underestimated the power of the grassroots trucking campaign. As the data starts to come in about the lack of efficacy of lockdowns and the fading protection of the jabs, the arguments for any mandate crumble by the day. On the other hand, the truckers see their influence grow by the minute despite cowards like Tim Cadogan and Justin Trudeau.