Gov. Noem Claims Biden’s Missing the Point on Climate Agenda

Responding to President Joe Biden’s climate change agenda, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) says the president is missing the point and asserts that he “certainly isn’t putting America first.”

During an interview on Newsmax’s “The Chris Salcedo Show” on Thursday, the Republican governor called out Biden for his policies, which she says will be harmful to the U.S., while ignoring the problems caused by our adversaries — such as China.

“These policies will cripple us, and it will hinder our economy while it ignores the big problem that China is to the CO2 situation in the world,” said Noem.

“Our state is very proud to be one of the top five environmentally friendly states in the country, but we do that by being an all of the above American energy supply supporter. We use it all. We’re heavily reliant on hydropower but also coal and oil and gas to get us to thrive and to lead the country with the strong economy that we have and that really is what this America policy needs to be,” she continued.

“Biden’s missing it in his proposal by what he’s supporting here; [it] will not solve the problem and it certainly won’t help the families in this country,” Noem added.

On Wednesday, the president announced new steps he plans to take to fight climate change, promising more robust actions to come.

“This is an emergency and I will look at it that way,” Biden said.

While rumors had swirled that the president planned to declare an emergency related to climate change, Biden stopped short of declaring a formal climate emergency — even though Democrats and environmental groups have been urging him to make the move after sweeping legislation to address global warming was quashed in the Senate.

During his announcement, the president hinted such a move could be coming in the near future.

“Let me be clear: Climate change is an emergency,” Biden claimed, pledging to use his power as president “to turn these words into formal, official government actions through the appropriate proclamations, executive orders and regulatory power that a president possesses.”