Government By The Tweet Biden Guarantees That His Proposed Budget Costs Nothing

The Build Back Better plan is projected to cost $3.5 trillion, which will come out of your pocket one way or another. Either through printing money and inflation raising the cost of everything or through taxes, both corporate which pass on to you and personal taxes and fees. 

Anytime a politician tells you an “investment” is “free,” you are paying for it out the nose. 

Legislators called President Biden out for tweeting that his Build Back Better boondoggle “costs zero dollars.” What kind of a lame politician rolls out such insane over-the-top lies as part of their PR campaign for a floundering spending bill? 

Biden must believe that his liberal media machine and PR team will cover for him. 

Via Twitter, the new public square of debate, Republican Representative Mia Love (CO) pointed out that this lie is “a perfect example of why Americans don’t trust leaders in Washington.” Republican Representative Lee Zeldin (NY) added some sarcasm, tweeting “Sure thing Big Guy” as if Biden does not understand his cut. Tom Cotton offered his assessment of Biden: “He is very confused.” 

The Biden-Harris Administration attempted to frame this budget as if no more debt allows them to claim zero cost, but that leaves taxpayers on the hook. If you use cash instead of a credit card, it still costs you. And most people would say that the cost is felt more acutely. 

Democrats attacked the Trump tax cuts for “not paying for themselves.” But the Biden budget, if paid for, would include the most significant tax hike in 60 years. Congresswoman Tenney explained simple math for President Biden that “$3.5 trillion does NOT equal zero.”

Conservatives know that eventually, Biden will advantage the wealthy liberal elites to the detriment of ordinary families. 

Some sane Democrats have their reservations. However, one must wonder how Senator Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and Senator Joe Manchin (WV), and Representative Stephanie Murphy (FL) remain in the party of massive government overreach and spending when they claim to be fiscally responsible.

These fools want to push through a vote on a bill that has not even been written and that the Congressional Budget Office is supposed to score. 

Biden claims that this budget is not about short-term stimulus. He seems to think that squandering cash on tax cuts is a bad thing, as if the government is in control of the money in this country, and you get to keep what Biden and the Democrats let you. Once again, Biden is ignorant that tax cuts mean that American citizens keep more of their hard-earned money and tax increases take food out of the mouths of our children. 

Democrats are the party of tax clauses and avoidance schemes. Just look at the Big Tech titans like Bezos and Zuckerberg, who shelter billions of dollars and make huge donations, as well as taking over newspapers like the Washington Post. The Democrats are now in the back pocket of the affluent. 

Biden’s plan will be an outrageous, massive spending bill that puts a weight on the shoulders of working and middle class Americans for generations. Republican Representative Samuel Williams (TX) added his judgment that “In the end, it will be the poor and middle class” who pay for this budget. Moderate Democrats are pushing for a more modest bill of around $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion. Still, Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi says she cannot find anything she can remove from the budget. Maybe she can reduce her gourmet ice cream bills.