Governor Places ‘Footsie’ With CNN About Running For President

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan did an interview recently with Jake Tapper, the purpose of which was to make sure everyone knew he was open to running for President. There had been some rumblings of him running for a Senate seat, but he used the interview to squelch that idea, saying he has always been an executive and is used to making decisions (I guess they don’t make decisions in the Senate).

Although that may be an acceptable reason not to run for the Senate, it does not qualify you for running for the highest office in the land. When asked by Tapper about a White House run, Hogan said he was ‘certainly going to take a look at it.’ It seems that the Governor may be adopting the Ben Carson strategy of running with almost no chance of winning but doing so to raise his national profile.

Very few people know who Larry Hogan is. The Governor is not doing any favors by going on CNN for two reasons. One, the network is despised by a vast number of conservatives. Two, no one watches CNN as it has lost over 90 percent of its ratings since last year. For a man that makes decisions all day, he chose a poor place to start his exploratory campaign.

Hogan’s other problem is that everyone knows that the Republican nomination is a two-person race between Trump and DeSantis. The former President leads the Governor of Florida in polling for the nomination, but the gap is closing due to DeSantis’ handling of the COVID pandemic. Many of the early moves that he was vilified now seem prescient. The media, seeing the strength of both men and the plummeting numbers of the Biden Administration, have tried to create a wedge between the two possible candidates. DeSantis has called these stories a media fabrication, with Trump mostly silent on the issue.

CNN seems to want to create another media fabrication by putting Governor Hogan out there as a viable candidate. Secretly, however, the network knows the only chance it has at a revival is another Trump run for the presidency. An unknown Governor from Maryland is not going to help anybody. Somebody should tell Hogan that and spare the rest of us.