Graham Hands Over iPhone To FBI After Suspected Hack By Schumer Impersonator, Predicts Some Trump Immunity

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s iPhone is now with the FBI after the South Carolina Republican fell victim to a suspected hack by someone impersonating Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Graham, 68, spoke about the incident Wednesday at the Hill & Valley Forum on Capitol Hill.

“My phone is in the hands of the FBI now,” Graham said during a discussion on artificial intelligence. He explained that he received a message he thought was from Schumer, but it turned out to be from an impersonator. “Next thing you know, my phone’s, I don’t know what,” the senator added.


The Senate’s Sergeant at Arms, responsible for the chamber’s cybersecurity, is investigating the potential hack according to Graham’s spokesperson Taylor Reidy. On Monday, the Sergeant at Arms reportedly warned senators about a phishing scheme.

Graham, known for his hawkish foreign policy stances, is the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary and Budget Committees. He has also become a close Senate ally of former President Donald Trump in recent years.

In a separate interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, Graham predicted the Supreme Court will grant Trump immunity for some actions taken while in office, but not absolute immunity. “I think they’ll send it back to the lower courts to find out exactly what actions fall within presidential immunity and what are considered personal,” he said. Graham dismissed concerns about voters needing to know the results of Trump’s court cases before the November election.