Greene Blasts California’s Plan For ‘Free’ Undocumented Migrant Healthcare

While Republican officials have largely been united in condemning the Biden administration’s lax approach to border security amid a record level of illegal immigration in recent years, U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has been among its most vocal critics.

In addition to introducing multiple resolutions to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, she recently took aim at Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom for a new policy she described as unfair and fiscally irresponsible.

According to reports, California will ring in 2024 by allowing hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants to qualify for healthcare coverage at no personal cost.

Greene responded to the development with a social media post that began by referring to the constant stream of migrants allowed to illegally cross the border under Biden’s watch as “treason.”

She went on to express her opposition to the new California provision.

“California is going to give illegals free healthcare, but nothing is free, the California taxpayers have to pay for it,” she wrote.

The Georgia Republican concluded with another plea for congressional action against the Biden administration.

“The border crisis is the top issue and I want to impeach but can’t get the votes,” Greene said. “Would a tax revolt stop it?”

A recent Harvard CAPS/Harris poll found that President Joe Biden’s approval rating on the issue of immigration had dropped from 46% to 38% over the course of just a month.

“Based on the polling on immigration, this is one of the key issues dragging down the president’s reputation, and he needs to make progress on this issue or face increasing consequences,” asserted Harvard CAPS/Harris chairman Mark Penn.

Greene was not the only outspoken critic of California’s decision to provide taxpayer-subsidized healthcare to undocumented immigrants.

Sally Pipes, a healthcare policy wonk who serves as the CEO and president of the Pacific Research Institute, said that the state’s ongoing fiscal uncertainty only makes the idea more problematic.

“The expansion was a bad idea when the state’s coffers were flush,” she said. “Now that California is struggling to make ends meet, using taxpayer money to cover non-citizens is simply irresponsible.”