Haley’s Presidential Bid Supported By Corporate Board Gains

Nikki Haley, candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential primary and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, recently acquired stock options worth nearly $300,000 due to a real estate company merger. This windfall is connected to her position on the board of directors for United Home Group Inc., according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

While Haley’s stock compensation has raised some eyebrows, it’s important to note that her financial status is considerably less robust than other recent high-profile Republican candidates like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney. However, Bush and Romney resigned from corporate board positions before launching their respective presidential campaigns. Haley has opted to stay on the United Home Group board. She has not yet released a financial disclosure form for her 2024 presidential bid.

Haley’s time on the board of Great Southern Homes, which merged with DiamondHead Holdings Corp. to become United Homes Group, has earned her almost $200,000 in cash and stock awards. She now holds a position on the board of the newly established business, and her term does not end until 2026. As a result, Haley could receive more stock worth over $780,000 if the company achieves share-price targets within the next five years.

In addition to her earnings from United Home Group, Haley has also served on Boeing’s board, receiving over a quarter of a million dollars in compensation in 2019 and another $83,750 in 2020.

The financial benefits of her corporate board positions have led some critics to argue that Haley’s continued involvement could create conflicts of interest during her presidential campaign. As Kevin Madden, a senior adviser to Romney’s presidential campaign, told the Wall Street Journal, “You are trying to build a profile as a candidate, with a focus on the broader economy and the broader economic environment, and that’s much harder to do if you are seen as working in an active sense with one company.”

As the race for the GOP nomination heats up, Haley’s candidacy has drawn a mixed response from Republican circles. While Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) offered his support for her campaign, others like Taylor Budowich, MAGA Inc. executive and former Trump spokesman, criticized her as “just another career politician.” Yet, despite these critiques, pro-life groups like SBA Pro-Life America have praised her strong pro-life, pro-woman leadership, positioning her as a formidable candidate in the primary race.