Harris Dismisses Worst-Rated VP Status, Diverts to ‘Distractions’

Amid plummeting approval ratings, Vice President Kamala Harris attempted to deflect attention from her historically low popularity this week. Despite having the worst-rated vice presidential approval score in the annals of NBC News polling, Harris waved away criticism and presented an optimistic narrative during an ABC News interview.

ABC News reporter Linsey Davis confronted Harris with a direct statement on her approval ratings, the lowest any vice president has encountered. However, The vice president responded dismissively, insisting that other polls painted a brighter picture. Her failure to cite any favorable polling raises eyebrows, as recent data shows her struggling to surpass a 44% approval rate.

Harris further shrugged off the issue by accusing unidentified entities of creating distractions from the current administration’s achievements. A significant point she made was the creation of over 13 million jobs, attributing a large chunk of it to the Biden-Harris administration. Critics, however, argue that these figures reflect the natural recovery of an economy emerging from the pandemic rather than proactive job creation.

Harris also touted claims about the administration’s role in restoring America’s integrity on the international stage. Yet, these alleged achievements did not seem to resonate with the voting public. Harris’s disapproval rating still towers above all other vice presidents in modern polling history at 53%, according to RealClearPolitics.

The controversial vice president has also made headlines recently for attacking Florida’s Black history education curriculum. Harris’s critique, painting the curriculum as “misinformation” and suggesting it paints slavery positively, was met with solid rebuttal from Dr. William Allen, a descendant of slavery and co-author of the curriculum. He deemed her accusations as “categorically false,” pointing out that the curriculum details the harsh realities of slavery.

Harris also sought to downplay concerns about potential threats to Biden’s re-election campaign, including the Democratic primary challenge from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and potential third-party candidates. She said her focus was not on these political games but on strengthening America and its families. It remains to be seen whether her diversion tactics will bear fruit as the countdown to the next election continues.