Healthcare Community Now Pushing Endless COVID Booster Shots On Americans

For just about two years now, the healthcare community has soundly proven why they are not to be trusted. Health officials fully backed mask mandates, lockdowns, school closures, COVID vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, etc.

These petty, authoritarian bureaucrats never once encountered one mandate they didn’t like. These folks did not care about the adverse impacts stemming from the aforementioned restrictions. The healthcare community adopted and embraced the philosophy that anything is acceptable in the name of stopping COVID.

The healthcare community has moved the goalposts every single chance they got when it comes to this virus. Now, as Fox News covers, they are already beginning to push the idea of people taking endless booster shots.

On Sunday, Fauci did not miss the opportunity to get before a camera and shoot off more nonsense. This so-called expert dared to profess that Americans will have to “deal with” the likelihood of getting additional COVID booster shots in the future.

Now, let’s be clear here. There are already available booster shots for COVID. Many Americans have already taken these boosters, in addition to getting the initial vaccinations against this virus.

These COVID vaccines do not prevent someone from spreading the virus or even contracting it. Individuals wholly vaccinated against COVID can get the Omicron variant, be hospitalized for COVID, and even pass away due to COVID.

Yet, despite all this, Fauci is telling Americans to shut up and deal when it comes to pumping even more pharmaceuticals into their bodies. The first two shots and the subsequent boosters afterward didn’t work. Why would Americans be getting told to “deal with” needing even more boosters if they did?

There’s no doubt that some people have contracted COVID and even passed away from the virus. However, as unfortunate as that may be, this virus is being used to control people and pump up Big Pharma is also true.

Fauci is not God. He does not have the right to tell Americans they will have to “deal” if the healthcare community produces new vaccines for individuals to take. If someone decides to get “boosted” for the 1,348,263rd time, that’s on them.

However, just like the original COVID vaccines and the boosters afterward, this boils down to a personal medical choice for each individual. There’s no doubt the healthcare community will push as hard as possible to get people to take as many boosters as possible.

It stopped being about health long ago.