Here We Go Again: CNN Declares Violent Atlanta Riots ‘Mostly Peaceful’

It’s like CNN just doesn’t learn. The network made another major error following the most recent riots in Atlanta.

The network called the rioters’ actions not violent. On the network, guest David Peisner instead blamed any violence on the police.

They didn’t actually use the exact words from the infamous 2020 screenshot. That year, violent riots destroyed parts of multiple American cities. During one broadcast about riots in Minneapolis, the screen called the riots “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

Talk about the understatement of the century.

Now, rioters are back at it, this time in Georgia. Rioters in Atlanta torched a police car and caused havoc in the city.

The riots were sparked after Georgia State Troopers shot and killed a protester who they say fired at them first. Now, ANTIFA thugs and left-wingers are rioting.

The leftwing protesters and rioters had set up an ‘autonomous zone’ similar to the C.H.A.Z. This is yet another action by radical left-wing zealots.

One of the major differences between the response of liberal governors and mayors and conservative ones is key here. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp doesn’t mess around. The violence is so bad that even Atlanta’s Democrat Mayor Andre Dickens called the rioters domestic terrorists.

It’s good to see some return to law and order after the violent riots of 2020. Acting swiftly to end the riots makes it less likely that there will be any others anytime soon.

This is a positive development, but one that is only part of the solution. The underlying issues that sparked riots in 2020 are still there to this day.

The riots undermined trust in police and led to a large spike in crime. This, in turn, led to a large spike in the number of murders. The consequences of the BLM and ANTIFA riots of 2020 are severe.

Hopefully, Atlanta can avoid any more serious violence. The quick action by city and state officials may have just nipped a major Minneapolis-style riot in the bud.