Here’s Why Looting In San Francisco Will Get Worse

When communities defund law enforcement and let criminals run wild, bad things tend to happen. In 2020, leftist communities (such as San Francisco, California, and others) made a series of miscalculated decisions, and now, the consequences are genuinely playing out.

Defunding the police correlated to a surge in lawlessness, with innocent people caught in the crosshairs. Meanwhile, when San Francisco officials decided shoplifting was OK (so long as looters didn’t steal goods amounting to over $950 in worth), they opened Pandora’s box.

In recent times, San Francisco has been facing a pandemic of looting. Stores like Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, pharmacies, and others are quite literally being cleaned out. Viral videos on social media allow everyone to see the destruction for themselves.

Meanwhile, per Red State, San Francisco Democrat Mayor London Breed has chimed in with what she views as an appropriate solution to this mayhem.

The Democrat mayor delivered a statement detailing her grand idea of what needs to happen so that stores aren’t constantly being looted. Mayor Breed’s admission believes changing how cars can access Union Square is an appropriate solution.

In her statement, Breed explained that “limiting” the levels of accessibility these vehicles have are measures the city will employ. Ironically, this comes at odds with standards proposed by Governor Gavin Newsom.

Amid the looting pandemic in San Francisco, Newsom called for leaders in his state to step forward. The Democrat governor also suggested having more police vehicles outside of retail establishments during the holiday season will make a positive difference.

However, if Mayor Breed will limit the accessibility cars have to Union Square, this begs the question of where police will park their vehicles. Governor Newsom furthermore spoke about a need to dismantle “crime rings.” Yet, his administration has not laid out a comprehensive plan to make this happen.

Democrats like Mayor Breed and Governor Newsom have lots of rhetoric but no real solutions. Breed’s talk about limiting vehicle access to Union Square speaks to her disconnect with the gravity of what’s happening in San Francisco.

Likewise, if Newsom were serious about making examples out of “crime rings,” he wouldn’t have stood idly by in 2020 while California Democrats defund the police.

It is for reasons such as this that looting in San Francisco will get worse. As is typical of Democrats, they have no real solutions. It’s easy to talk.