Hero Uvalde Mom Threatened with Charges for Criticism of Police

Angeli Gomez, the heroic mother who saved her children from the recent shooting in Texas, recently reported that she is being threatened by the highly-criticized local police department for telling her story of that tragic day.

Gomez rescued her children from the shooting in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and has been highly critical of the police department that did not. Gomez drove a shocking 40 miles to the school to find that police were standing outside, not inside stopping the killer.

Gomez was then detained in handcuffs for a short time, then entered the school to get her children out.

The federal marshals who detained Gomez did so because they didn’t want her to endanger herself, and rightfully so. However, had law enforcement stopped the threat when they should have, she likely would not have felt compelled to run into the dangerous building.

Gomez said that when she was inside the building getting her children out, she heard shots. That means that during the 40 minute drive and while she was detained, the gunman, Salvador Rolando Ramos, was actively shooting inside of the school while police seemed more focused on stopping her.

Police inside were posted outside of the room that Ramos was locked in. They had been told not to engage with Ramos because of the false belief that he was barricaded rather than actively shooting children — despite the ongoing shooting.

As a law enforcement officer, you enter the job with the mindset that you might lose your life while stopping evil people from harming their victims; at least they should have that mindset.

In an interview with CBS, Gomez said that she jumped a fence and ran into the building to get one of her children to safety. She explained that when she went to get her other child, she encountered more police officers who tried to stop her, but she was able to rescue her other son.

There are situations to be pro-police, but this isn’t one of them.

To allow a member of the public to enter a dangerous and potentially deadly situation is admitting two things; you have no control of the situation and you don’t want to have control of the situation.

Law Enforcement is taught that in stressful situations you have specific reactions to the stress; fight, flight or freeze. All three reactions have benefits and consequences. In this particular situation, it seems like most officers on scene chose to freeze.

Gomez also said that she was threatened with obstruction of justice if she continued to speak badly of the police involved in the incident. Gomez is currently on probation, but it’s highly unlikely that a condition of probation would prohibit someone from speaking out against police. Gomez didn’t know the officer who threatened her with the possible charges.

As more information comes out, hopefully the public will have more answers for what happened and why. Someone has to accept responsibility for the decisions made.