Hillary Clinton Unleashes New Attacks Against Republicans

In the final days before the midterms, the Democrat Party is unleashing attacks on Republicans like never before.

Joe Biden went to Florida for a campaign event. During this time, he trashed Republicans, saying they want to take away people’s healthcare and spread extremism. Before that, Biden was calling Trump supporters “semi-fascist.”

Following last month’s attack against Paul Pelosi, Democrats are, yet again, pointing the finger at Republicans. This all comes as polls show Democrats are behind and not widely trusted by Americans on the most important issues.

During a recent MSNBC interview, twice-failed presidential contender Hillary Clinton continued the pattern of baseless attacks against conservatives.

More Lies and Slander
During her time on MSNBC, Clinton argued that Republicans are racist, violent, misogynistic, and at odds with American democracy. She then went on to say conservatives should not be “rewarded” or “trusted” with the power of controlling Congress.

During this time, Clinton was not at all critical of rhetoric from within her own party.

Only weeks after Biden called Republicans dangerous and semi-fascist was a campaign volunteer for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) viciously assaulted. This assault led to a broken jaw, further facial damage, and internal bleeding.

Clinton’s MSNBC interview also included her taking aim at the policies Republicans are campaigning on to win the midterms. The failed presidential candidate said the GOP talks well, but does not follow through.

Meanwhile, Democratic policies have led to a ruined southern border, the destruction of energy independence, sky-high inflation, and gas prices that most Americans cannot afford.

Clinton Endangers Democracy?
MSNBC is not Hillary Clinton’s first time going after Republicans during this current election cycle. Towards the end of last month, Clinton alleged — without evidence — that Republicans have a plan in place to steal the 2024 presidential election.

In the same breath, she has repeatedly gone on record saying that denying election results constitutes a threat to democracy. By Clinton’s own logic, her statements about the 2024 presidential election — a race that has yet to happen — pose threats to democracy.

Many Americans are tired of the double standards. While on MSNBC, Clinton did not clearly articulate how Democrats plan to restore energy independence, fix the southern border, reduce inflation, or lower gas prices.

Republicans have laid out comprehensive plans to achieve each of these outcomes and more. This is why the GOP is projected to win the midterms next week.