Honesty Is Not a Threat to Democracy

Pointing out the media’s lies and deceit does not harm democracy. In fact, such actions are healthy for a democracy. Those responsible for denouncing almost everything as disinformation and labeling them as fabricated news should get checked up.

This week, the University of Ottawa held an online activity called Journalists Facing Mean Tweets: What it means for our Democracy.

For the media and liberals, any individual who exercises his freedom by expressing his honest views online, is a “threat to democracy.”

The university also said that the negativity, including derogatory remarks and accusations of “bias,” aimed at reporters can have a serious effect on the credibility of the news.

The news regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop had been deemed “fake” by many left-wing media entities during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. According to another article by the New York Post, Hunter Biden made international business deals by offering access to his father Joe Biden who was the vice president at that time. This news was called “fake” and “Russian propaganda” by big media outlets like CNN.

The New York Post also faced backlash from Big Tech, as Twitter temporarily suspended the NY Post’s official account and Facebook decreased the online reach of the story on their platform.

Back in February 2020, an article by the New York Post was censored by Facebook. The article claimed that the COVID-19 virus may have come from a lab in Wuhan, China. In May 2021, Facebook stopped censoring such content, following President Biden’s decision to probe the Wuhan lab story. As with many stories deemed “false” by the truth makers, according to reports, the Wuhan lab story is likely to be true — we encourage our readers to learn about this side of the issue themselves.

The media’s portrayal of something as “controversial information” can actually be real news. It is becoming quite hard to trust the media nowadays, and the expression of one’s own truth is a fundamental right that should not be taken away from any American.