House Democrats May ‘Regret Voting’ For The Build Back Better Act

Last month, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spent 8.5 hours on the House floor, filibustering against the horrendous Build Back Better Act. The California Republican went into lengthy detail about just how damaging this bill is and why it should not be passed into law.

McCarthy made a plethora of points throughout his record-setting speech. However, the standout is the part of the Build Back Better Act that beefs up the IRS with new resources and agents to spy on the financial information of Americans.

Nevertheless, House Democrats voted for the bill anyway. The Build Back Better Act is currently tied up in the Senate, seeing as it doesn’t have the necessary 50 votes to pass. However, House Democrats may live to regret their vote for this legislation, as pointed out by Breitbart News.

Days ago, McCarthy appeared on Fox News to discuss the Build Back Better Act, along with other matters. The House Minority Leader declared that only one House Democrat voted against the legislation that would let the IRS spies on the finances of American citizens.

Per McCarthy, Democrats’ vote for the Build Back Better Act entails a vote for mass amnesty, open borders, and other destructive policies not in America’s best interest.

McCarthy also lamented the reality that the House of Representatives doesn’t have Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin, who is willing to stand up for what’s right, even if this means incurring the wrath of progressives.

The House Minority Leader made some excellent points. It’s also worth noting that House Democrats’ votes for the Build Back Better Act come when party members in their chamber are struggling.

At this time, more than 20 House Democrats have confirmed they will not seek re-election during the 2022 midterms. Some of these lawmakers are entering into retirement. Others are throwing their hats in the rings of senatorial races, gubernatorial elections, etc.

All in all, the growing consensus is that the US House of Representatives is not the best place for Democrats to be. All the polls show that Republicans are bound to take back this chamber next year, along with the US Senate.

Perhaps if Democrats didn’t blindly back Biden (regardless of how his bills impact the nation), their party wouldn’t be doing so poorly. However, it is very much in the best interest of the United States for Republicans to take back the House and Senate majorities in Congress during 2022.