Houston-Based Restaurant Has A Clear Message For Nancy Pelosi

If there’s one thing Americans have grown sick of over the past several years, it’s rampant corruption. More often than not, this corruption is carried out by seedy politicians who care more about their bottom lines and interests rather than about the people who elected them or the country they’re supposed to serve.

One of the most corrupt politicians this nation has ever seen is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. On separate occasions, the California Democrat and her husband have been linked to insider trading.

Meanwhile, Pelosi has been an unconditional cheerleader as Joe Biden takes a sledgehammer to American freedoms, democracy, and liberties. In light of this and so much more, one restaurant based in Houston, Texas, has a clear message for the House Speaker, as TheBlaze reports.

In Houston, Texas, Preslee’s Southern Good Eatery put up signs, noting that individuals need not wear face coverings unless they’re Nancy Pelosi or have the appearance of the leftist House Speaker. The restaurant’s outside marquee additionally has signage reading, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” an infamously cheeky way of denouncing the 46th president.

Preslee’s Southern Good Eatery has gotten positive feedback from conservatives and not-so-positive feedback from progressives and other leftists. However, the Houston-based establishment isn’t backing down whatsoever.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, the restaurant explained they’re within their rights to operate their small business and embrace freedom. Preslee’s Southern Good Eatery also made it clear that as crawfish season approaches, the mob of cancel culture won’t be able to impact them negatively.

What’s also notable about the backlash against the Houston-based establishment is most of it is coming from folks outside of the area who have never once dined there. Meanwhile, a lot of support and glowing feedback arrives from within and outside Houston.

According to Preslee’s Southern Good Eatery, business is booming.

In light of how Democrats conducted themselves during the years of the Trump administration, the outrage they have over this restaurant’s anti-Pelosi and anti-Biden signs don’t hold water.

The same people who don’t like reading Let’s Go Brandon or that folks can forgo face coverings unless they resemble Pelosi are the ones who spent all four years of the Trump presidency trashing him, along with his supporters.

Leftists have called both Trump and his supporters everything but children of God. Now, they’re outraged that conservatives are using their voices and Second Amendment rights to express dislike of current leftist leadership.

It is a hang-up they’ll have to get over.