How Democrats Enabled The Looting Crisis Spreading Across America

At this point, most Americans have heard about organized looting sprees happening in the country. California especially is facing this plight. The looting first began in San Francisco. However, looters are getting increasingly bold and striking at various stores across the state as time passes.

Democrat leaders have failed to get a handle on this. Leaders like San Francisco Mayor London Breed and California Governor Gavin Newsom might as well be standing idly by and twiddling their thumbs.

Newsom talks a good game about not being in favor of crime. But the Democrat governor’s actions do not align with this. At the end of the day, though, Democrats are the sole architects of this mayhem, as PJ Media documents.

Now, judging from the words of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, there’s no tolerance for crime. Boudin put on a good show before the media and denounced “felony conduct” in the community.

Boudin claimed there’s no tolerance for this type of behavior; yet, reality begs to differ. He previously declined to prosecute shoplifters who were caught dead to rights. Boudin chose to forgo the prosecution because the goods stolen amounted to below the value of $950.

When California let this happen, the state sent a message. They sent the message that criminals can indeed get away with breaking the law, with certain caveats, of course. It was the opening of Pandora’s box.

Now, shoplifting is getting more brazen. Customers and store employees are being physically assaulted by looters seeking to steal as much as they can as quickly as possible. At the end of the day, Democrats’ inaction, tolerance of crime, and weak responses are the root cause of looting sprees.

California cities are far from the only communities that face looting sprees and other acts of lawlessness. The Democrat Party, in general, suffers from the inability to take measures necessary to prevent and punish crime.

However, these same leftists have absolutely no issues with dehumanizing and defunding the police. Democrats are taking actions that endanger public safety. They turn around and ask why problems are happening.

Unless Democrats crackdown on crime and get serious about supporting police officers, lawlessness and violence will continue to fester and explode. It’s no wonder this pattern is emerging in various left-wing communities. There is one common denominator here: politicians who have a (D) next to their names.