How Far Does The Biden Document Scandal Go?

President Joe Biden is in even more trouble after the latest classified document revelations. Republicans want to get to the bottom of the growing scandal — and they think they know where Biden’s other documents are.

The more that Republicans look into the document scandal, the more that it stinks. Biden may not be the only offender in the field, but right now he looks like the worst.

There is more news on the document front. Even former Vice President Mike Pence had about a dozen classified documents at his home in Indiana. This has some striking similarities to the Biden case since he was vice president at the time of taking the documents in question.

The role of the White House in classifying and declassifying documents will likely come into clearer view with each new discovery. It also shines a bad light on Joe Biden after the raid on Donald Trump’s estate.

Republicans in Congress believe that Biden has more classified documents from his time in the Senate. Some of the items in Biden’s home were from his time in the Senate.

This seems likely, considering his former role as a ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for twelve years. The former senator also oversaw multiple Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

If there was a person with access to classified documents in the Senate at the time, it was Joe Biden.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) requested a search of Biden’s documents at the University of Delaware. The institution keeps records of Biden’s time in the Senate.

For the Biden Administration, this should be a slam dunk. If the president has no more documents left to be discovered, then searching the university records should be no problem at all.

Instead, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that this was a matter for White House lawyers, instead.

A complete and unfettered search of the president’s libraries would go a long way to bring back transparency in Washington. The public deserves nothing less.