Huge Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protest In NYC, More Chanting Against Biden

People have been yelling against Joe Biden at football and baseball events for the past two weeks due to the “F Joe Biden” movement. Protests against him have taken place in Idaho and California, as we have reported. Then there was the demonstration in Colorado, where Biden threw a baby into a windmill.

Hundreds of people gathered in New York City for a “Freedom Rally,” not just to oppose vaccination requirements but also to yell against Joe Biden. Among the topics that have enraged Biden is his vaccination requirements and his administration’s failure in Afghanistan. The fact that teachers, especially Teachers for Choice, organized the demonstration is even more incredible. There are current and former teachers, parents, and others in the group.

They were furious with Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Joe Biden for imposing state-level regulations. They were, however, enraged by Biden’s federal requirements. According to the reporters, during the protest across the Brooklyn Bridge, people yelled, ‘F*** Joe Biden’ and some had indications saying, “I call the shots, last year’s heroes, this year’s unemployed and my body, my choice.” As remembered, he was the person who drew 81 million people in the polls to vote for him.

As reported, a teacher, Amy Carrol, said that she should be allowed to make her own health decisions that should not impact her job. Her husband, Bill Carrol, told PIXII that they were standing there, letting the government take everything.