Hunter Biden May Have Had Access To Classified Documents

What did Hunter Biden know and when did he know it? The son of President Joe Biden is back in the news, largely because he may be the keystone of the classified documents investigation against his father.

As Vice President, Joe Biden irresponsibly stored a number of classified documents at his home, allegedly in his garage. The notoriously money-hungry son Hunter may have had easy access to these documents — and the connections to make them a major national security risk.

Photos show that Joe Biden’s classified documents were not secure. He allegedly held some of these documents in his garage next to his Corvette. This is troubling enough, but to make matters worse, even that garage wasn’t secure. Hunter Biden had access to his father’s Corvette— and by extension, his garage. Considering his many contacts with overseas companies, the odds of him stumbling upon the documents and making copies is more than zero.

Making matters worse is the revelation that Hunter Biden received nearly $50,000 per month for rent– which seems like an unlikely amount for a house in his father’s home state of Delaware. This also raises questions about what that money was being used for.

Since rents in Delaware are far less than the $50,000 Hunter received, what was happening with the rest of that money? There is no conceivable way that the property Hunter was staying in was worth that much per month, and his notorious sexual and drug problems may have been an outlet for this large amount of cash.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert K. Hur as Special Counsel to investigate the classified documents situation. With any luck, we will know more soon. However, the question still remains about why Hunter Biden, who has a long track record of irresponsible decisions and connections, was allowed anywhere near such critical documents. Just like Hunter Biden’s laptop, the media may shy away from all of the details. There’s a responsibility to determine exactly what happened.