Hunter Biden Sues IRS Over Alleged Privacy Breach

Hunter Biden has launched an attack against the IRS with a lawsuit that alleges the agency violated his taxpayer rights. The litigation asserts that IRS agents, specifically whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, “targeted and sought to embarrass” him by making unauthorized public disclosures of his private tax information.

“Two IRS agents — Mr. Gary Shapley and Mr. Joseph Ziegler — and their attorneys raised the stakes to unprecedented levels,” the lawsuit claims, insisting that the agents “blatantly violated Section 6103 of the Internal Revenue Code,” which governs taxpayer confidentiality.

Notably, the lawsuit comes on the heels of other legal challenges facing Hunter Biden. Just last week, he sued a former aide to President Donald Trump over allegations related to data found on his laptop. Additionally, he was indicted last week on felony gun charges in Delaware.

At the heart of the issue with the IRS is a question about the fair application of the law. The lawsuit emphasizes, “Biden has no fewer or lesser rights than any other American citizen, and no government agency or government agent has free reign to violate his rights simply because of who he is.”

For conservatives, the unfolding legal drama is likely to raise some eyebrows. After all, Hunter Biden’s activities have been under scrutiny for some time, notably his business dealings overseas and his previous entanglements with the law. While every American citizen has the right to privacy and fair treatment under the law, questions about the timing and motivations behind the lawsuit can’t be ignored.

IRS whistleblowers Shapley and Ziegler had previously testified to Congress, suggesting that the Department of Justice had “slow-walked” an investigation into Hunter Biden. Ziegler, a Democrat, even hinted that Biden had “received preferential treatment” during the process. The new lawsuit could be seen as a calculated move to divert attention from those lingering questions while also putting the IRS on the defensive.

The lawsuit asks for a court declaration that the IRS “unlawfully disclosed Mr. Biden’s confidential tax information” and is demanding $1,000 in damages for “each and every unauthorized disclosure.”

As the story develops, Americans across the political spectrum will be watching closely, assessing not just the particulars of this case but what it reveals about the state of fairness and integrity within our federal institutions.