Hunter Biden Sues IRS Over Privacy Violation Allegations

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is suing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), alleging that whistleblower testimony from career agents was meant to embarrass him and was a “violation of his privacy.”

The lawsuit, filed Monday in federal court in Washington, D.C., alleges that two IRS agents, Gary Shapley and Joe Ziegler, violated the Taxpayer Confidentiality Agreement by disclosing information about Biden’s tax investigation to Congress and news reporters.

Shapley and Ziegler testified before the House Oversight and Reform Committee in July that they were concerned that the IRS was giving Biden special treatment in its investigation. They said that the investigation was not being handled properly and was influenced by politics.

Shortly after the testimony, Biden’s plea deal with federal prosecutors in Delaware fell apart.

Biden is facing charges of tax evasion and other financial crimes. In the lawsuit, Biden alleges that Shapley and Ziegler’s testimony was intended to embarrass him and to influence the outcome of the investigation. He is seeking damages and an injunction to prevent the IRS from further disclosing his tax information.

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley has criticized the IRS for its handling of the whistleblower testimony, calling it “whistleblower intimidation.”
“The IRS should be protecting whistleblowers, not retaliating against them,” Turley said in a statement. “This lawsuit is a reminder that the IRS is not above the law.”

In addition to the lawsuit, Hunter Biden is also facing a criminal investigation in California by the Department of Justice that is reportedly focusing on his business dealings in China. The lawsuit against the IRS is the latest legal challenge facing Hunter Biden since his father took office.

The lawsuit against the IRS is a significant development in the ongoing legal saga surrounding Hunter Biden and will likely fuel further partisan division, all thanks to the Biden family. The outcome of the lawsuit looms ominously over the 2024 presidential election, as any revelation of Hunter’s benefit from his father’s position could spell disaster for Biden’s re-election prospects.

Nevertheless, the lawsuit remains in its early stages, giving the IRS plenty of opportunity to mount a formidable defense against Hunter’s baseless allegations, so the investigation into him and his corrupt family can continue.