Hunter Biden’s CCP Influence in Washington Getting Clearer

Even as the Biden administration warns of a Chinese Communist Party front group seeking to gain a foothold with state legislators, Hunter Biden’s efforts to get that same group established in the U.S. have become clearer.

The president’s son in 2015 lobbied the State Department for public approval of a partnership involving the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

The bond was sought with the State Legislative Leaders Foundation, which is a non-profit composed of legislators and corporate leaders on the state level. Hunter Biden described it as a way to foster closer U.S.-Chinese associations.

A trove of emails now show that Biden and his associates hoped the Obama administration’s State Department would acknowledge the value of the partnership. With that, the goal was to establish an office in Beijing. It goes deeper.

Biden associate James Bulger wrote in 2015 that the establishment of the Beijing office would be beneficial for a joint venture he and the vice president’s son wanted with Harvest Fund Management.

That is a Chinese investment firm headed by Henry Zhao, a reported member of the Chinese Communist Party.

Interestingly, the now-president has repeatedly denied knowing anything about his wayward son’s business dealings with the communist Chinese. However, a voicemail backed up on the infamous laptop Hunter Biden discarded blatantly disproved this assertion.

In it, Joe Biden told his son in 2018 that “I think you’re clear” regarding an investigative piece by the New York Times into his dealings with a shady Chinese oil tycoon.

The elder Biden the next year said at an Iowa campaign appearance that “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” Press secretary Jen Psaki and chief of staff Ron Klain backed up that apparently false statement.

Whatever the dealings were, they were very successful. The deal Hunter Biden sought with Harvest Management was finalized and then-president Obama endorsed the partnership with the Chinese group and state legislative and business leaders.

Now the White House is warning against that very same Chinese group. This investigation is getting deeper and darker, and the president has some explaining to do about his declaration of being completely hands-off concerning his son’s dealings with communist China.