Hunter Biden’s Ties To Chinese Communist Regime Remain Well-Documented

During the 2020 presidential election, the story of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop was swept under the rug when it had the chance to damage Joe Biden’s White House campaign. Social media sites and various media outlets claimed the story was fake news and Russian propaganda.

In the almost two years that Biden’s been in the White House, his son’s laptop has been proven to be very real.

Furthermore, the contents of this laptop revealed a lot about the Biden family and how they used Biden’s previous time as vice president to broker overseas business deals.

This laptop inspired a recent film, My Son Hunter. Despite leftists trashing this film, it shines a deeply important light on Hunter Biden and the $1.5 billion he raked in from the Chinese Communist Party.

What to Know About Hunter Biden and the CCP
During Biden’s time as vice president, he traveled to China with Hunter by his side. Following this trip, Hunter set up his own private equity firm (BHR).

As documented in My Son Hunter, the current first son nabbed a deal with China that even the world’s most prestigious banks haven’t been able to accomplish.

The $1.5 billion given to Hunter by the Chinese certainly wasn’t due to his own merit. Despite being the son of the then-vice president, Hunter has zero private equity expertise.

Nevertheless, the Chinese communist regime was deeply motivated to cut deals with the Biden family. This gave the regime leverage over the policy decisions made by then-Vice President Biden and now-President Biden.

Americans have seen this play out in real-time. Biden’s been consistently coddling the Chinese since he got into office, even handing over portions of our country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves.

In a nutshell, the money given to Hunter’s private equity firm bought off his father. It also ensured that China has a considerable say in American policy via Biden’s decisions.

More to Come?
News about Hunter’s laptop and the extent of just how tightly the Biden family is connected to China continues to be revealed bit by bit. Just months ago, more evidence from the laptop suggested the president’s brother, James Biden, worked as a “fixer” of sorts for the family.

James, of course, denied this and denied any involvement in shady business deals with foreign countries.

The Biden family and the Biden administration are not going to be honest about the $1.5 billion Hunter received from the Chinese or anything else pertaining to the family’s overseas deals.

Thankfully, My Son Hunter shines a much-needed light on corruption in politics and its various impacts.