Hutchinson’s Texts Reveal Disdain For J6 Hearings

Cassidy Hutchinson’s text messages obtained by the Daily Caller reveal her testimony to the January 6 committee to only add to the kabuki political theater.

Hutchinson, a former White House aide and assistant to former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, messaged a contact asking if they could help connect her to the First Amendment Fund. The group assists people who are defending themselves from January 6 accusations to obtain legal representation.

In the texts, Hutchinson called the hearings “BS” and stated that she did not want things to get “unnecessarily elevated.” Her subsequent testimony was touted as a bombshell and she was the main witness at the surprise session of the committee on June 28.

Hutchison did make some outlandish claims during her questioning, such as former President Donald Trump assaulted a secret service officer and tried to commandeer the vehicle transporting him. Her testimony was quickly challenged after her key claims were examined.

First, much of her testimony was hearsay. Hutchinson was not, as an extremely junior staffer, with the president when the alleged attack happened.

Secret services agents are reportedly willing to testify that Trump neither assaulted anyone on his protection detail, nor did he try to grab the steering wheel when he was driven away from his speech on January 6.

Democrats and never-Trump Republicans are hoping that the January 6 hearings will destroy any hope the former president has of running again. If anything, they are strengthening the resolve of his base.

Given that the committee is not allowing meaningful cross-examination or rebuttal witnesses, the hearings amount to little more than an opposition campaign ad. Sen. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is even sending mailers to Democrats in her home state asking them to switch parties so they can vote in the primaries in order to prevent her from losing by 30 points.

Most Americans are not watching the hearings as runaway inflation consumes most of the electorate’s attention. The so-called ‘bombshell’ testimony has landed with a thud.

No one except the most extreme Trump haters is expecting these hearings to result in any negative consequences for the former president. Indictments or otherwise.