Idaho Elementary School Kids Are Being Exposed To Pornography

Across the nation, problems continue to arise with the type of content very young children are being exposed to in schools.

Despite outrage from parents, many schools are teaching kids about transgenderism, Marxism, critical race theory, gender theory, and otherwise pushing far-left politics. Many Americans are able to recognize this is wrong and not at all appropriate for kids.

Meanwhile, parents who express concerns are being labelled as “domestic terrorists” and otherwise told they shouldn’t have a say in the education of their own children.

Schools, on the other hand, aren’t backing down in exposing young kids to graphic content.

Pornographic Lessons For Elementary School Students
In Idaho, the state’s Department of Health and Welfare stands accused of buying various “porn literacy” content from a left-wing group that’s designed for elementary students to consume.

The particulars of this content involve teaching young kids about charged information like “sexual acts” and “kink and power” that has no business being in an elementary school classroom.

Not only is this adult content being distributed amongst children, but children are likewise being taught how to keep their parents from finding out they’re watching pornography.

What’s disturbing to many Americans is that approving this content for Idaho elementary schools required several adults in the education sphere to be on board. This means enough adults saw no issues with this arriving in the classrooms of young children.

Time For Parents to Rise Up
This type of content being shared to elementary school children is not only inappropriate, dangerous, and predatory, but it’s also illegal.

By law, exposing minors to pornography is a criminal offense. Yet, somehow, Idaho’s public schools are able to get away with this.

There’s been no mention of any arrests made of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare officials, nor have there been arrests of instructors exposing children to this content.

If nothing else, what’s happening in Idaho is all the more reason why school choice is so imperative. No parent should be forced to put their children into a school system that’s teaching this sort of content.

The adults who are exposing elementary school kids to pornographic content should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.