Internet Celebrity and Boxer Jake Paul Hits Biden On Failures

The presidency of Joe Biden has been an objective disaster that’s played out in slow motion, yet gotten increasingly worse with time. This is clear to see in the economy, in crime rate statistics and at the southern border.

Meanwhile, the White House is either in a state of genuine denial or just totally gaslighting Americans. Biden continues to talk about the supposed strength of the economy. Yet, just last week, the inflation rate increased to 8.6%.

Countless polls show the majority of people in this country aren’t pleased with the president by any means. Now, Biden’s having his feet held to the fire by none other than YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul.

Paul on Biden’s Presidency
On Saturday evening, Paul didn’t hold back in listing what a failure the Biden presidency has turned out to be.

The boxer mentioned that on the current president’s watch, America has suffered from high gas prices, the “worst,” inflation, horrific cryptocurrency prices, unaffordable rent costs, and a language from Biden that’s “incomprehensible.”

Paul then followed this up by stating anyone who voted for Biden in 2020, yet still has no regrets about their vote, is part of the problem in America.

The statements made by the boxer regarding Biden’s list of accomplishments are backed up by study-driven data and various timelines tracking prices in this country.

Many on the left refer to Trump as the “worst” president ever. Yet, when Trump held office, gas prices weren’t reaching over $9.00 per gallon in certain areas of the country like they are under Biden.

The Rise of Anti-Bidenism Amongst Democrats
The Biden administration has a vested interest in Americans believing that only right-wing Republicans take issue with the current president. Yet, considering polling that has Biden at a 39% approval rating, the math just isn’t supporting this narrative.

Later on Twitter, Jake Paul shared a screenshot of a report showing that only 28% of young Democrats back the current president’s job performance.

The report likewise reveals how this 28% marks a 31% decline from the support Biden enjoyed amongst young Democrats when he first got into the White House.

The boxer captioned this image with a message that younger generations on both the left and the right recognize the need for a president who does a better job in office.