Investigative Journalist Warns Of Potential Pandemic Originating In Texas Mega-Dairies

Eric Schlosser, an investigative journalist known for his book “Fast Food Nation,” recently appeared on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” to discuss the possibility of the next pandemic originating in Texas mega-dairies. Schlosser revealed that bird flu has been discovered in cows at two dairies marking the first time the disease has been found in livestock.

According to Schlosser, the federal government has been denied access to test the affected livestock and employees at these dairies. He emphasized that this situation exemplifies how private interests can threaten public health.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has stated that there is no safety concern to the commercial milk supply and that the affected milk is being properly disposed of. However, Schlosser expressed concern over the influence of the food industry on public health citing its significant lobbying efforts.

Schlosser also discussed the consolidation of the food industry over the past 40 years with a few large corporations controlling the majority of the food supply. He warned about the potential health risks associated with ultra-processed foods and the use of various chemicals and additives in these products.

The journalist concluded by emphasizing the importance of obtaining nutrition from a diverse range of plants rather than relying on supplements with unnecessary additives.