IRS Whistleblower Admits ‘We Can’t Ask’ Questions About President Biden Without ‘Approvals’

Newly identified IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler, who was previously identified only as “Whistleblower X,” revealed during an interview with CBS News that he was told that he wasn’t able to ask questions about President Joe Biden’s involvement with Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

“Any time we potentially wanted to go down the road of asking questions related to the President,” investigators were informed that they “can’t ask those questions” because it would require too many “approvals,” according to Ziegler, who blew the whistle on corruption in the Hunter Biden investigation.

The 13-year IRS special agent-turned-whistleblower made those comments during an interview with CBS News that was released on Wednesday.

The conversation began when CBS News Senior Investigative Catherine Herridge asked Ziegler, “Did you uncover evidence that President Biden financially benefited from his son’s deals?”

“I don’t feel comfortable answering that question,” the whistleblower responded.

Herridge pressed the issue, asking Ziegler why he wasn’t comfortable answering the question.

“Any time we potentially wanted to go down the road of asking questions related to the President, it was, that’s going to take too [many] approvals,” he explained. “We can’t ask those questions. And it created an environment that was very hard to deal with.”

“It’s a politically sensitive case, wouldn’t it require additional approvals?” Herridge asked.

“Yes, I do understand that aspect,” Ziegler replied. “But it would be like, well, let’s think about it, let’s put that on the back burner.”

Ziegler also testified before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, where he discussed the backlash he has faced for being a gay Democrat speaking out about corruption in a Democratic administration.

“I was raised and have always strived to do what is right. I have heard from some, that I am a traitor to the Democratic Party and that I am causing more division in our society,” he said. “I implore you, that if you were put in my position with the facts as I have stated them, that you would be doing the exact same thing — regardless of your political party affiliation.”

“I hope that I am an example to other LGBTQ people out there, who are questioning doing the right thing at a potential cost to themselves and others. We should ALWAYS do the right thing, no matter how painful the process might be,” Ziegler added. “I kind of equate this to coming out, it was honestly one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I contemplated scenarios that would have been highly regrettable. But I did what was right and I am sitting in front of you here today.”

The IRS whistleblower also revealed during his testimony that the Biden family received roughly $17 million in payments from China, Romania, and other countries.