Is Hillary Clinton Completely Delusional?

Many Americans are entirely over Hillary Clinton. She made two runs to become president of the United States, and yet, both times, Americans rejected her candidacy.

Let’s not forget the massive issues and corruption of her family also. The Clinton Foundation has been nabbed for countless scandals, and who knows what else has yet to come to the forefront of the mainstream media?

Unfortunately, though, Hillary Clinton refuses to ride off into the sunset peacefully. Instead, she’s determined to impose her unsolicited presence and views on the nation.

However, some of the latest remarks from this two-time failed presidential candidate are proof that she’s lost her mind, per TheBlaze.

During an MSNBC interview, Hillary Clinton went on a bizarre, unhinged rant about how the American public doesn’t show Biden enough gratitude. Clinton then professed that Americans “didn’t appreciate” Biden forcing a $1.9 trillion spending bill and a $1.2 trillion spending bill through Congress.

This twice unsuccessful presidential candidate didn’t stop there, though. She proceeded to claim Republicans are peddling “disinformation.” Clinton then ignorantly opined that the aforementioned spending bills would help with “climate change,” the prices of prescription drugs, and healthcare.

At this point, Americans shouldn’t expect anything more from Hillary Clinton. During the entirety of the Trump administration, Clinton spent her time bashing the 45th president. She was sour about losing to Trump, and quite frankly, it sounds like she’s still wondering what happened.

Many Americans have started tuning out Hillary Clinton, and understandably so. However, it remains very imperative to explain why her claims are so ill-informed and wrong.

For starters, the $1.9 trillion spending bill Clinton spoke so glowingly about is part of the reason why inflation is at an all-time high in the United States. Yet, somehow, Clinton didn’t mention that during her MSNBC interview.

Secondly, the prices of prescription drugs will not be lowered when the supply chain is still in crisis, along with inflation remaining present. Clinton wants America to think these spending bills will improve Americans’ lives. However, the precise opposite is the case.

Now, Hillary Clinton isn’t impacted much by inflation, but middle-class Americans are, as are working-class Americans. Families feel the sting of inflation when they can’t afford to purchase as many groceries as they used to. Families are also hurting from inflation when they have to reduce the number of miles they travel due to rising gas prices.

Perhaps, these are matters Hillary Clinton should talk about on MSNBC, rather than wagging her finger at Americans for not showing gratitude as the nation burns under Biden.