Is It The Right Time To Be More Critical Of Zelenskyy, Than Putin?

A lot of false theories are circulating on the internet regarding the on-going Russia and Ukraine crisis. Instead of calling out Putin, people are focusing more on Zelensky’s shortcomings. One can be critical of Zelenskyy’s leadership skills, without ignoring Putin’s hostile nature.

The latest quarrel involves conservative commentator Matt Walsh, who felt agitated because of an article that included a song appreciating Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. John Ondrasik AKA Five For Fighting wrote the song ‘Can One Man Save The World’ in the honor of President Zelenskyy.

In response to the article, Matt Walsh tweeted:

In a reply to Matt Walsh’s tweet, Wilson explains that the song does not represent Zelenskyy as Christ.

Moreover, it seems Candace Owens is not a fan of President Zelensky at all, as she tweets:

Ukraine has massive corruption problems of its own and Zelensky is not a perfect man, as pointed out by RedState’s Bonchie. But people like Candace Owens and Matt Walsh, may reply to this by uniting with others who are claiming that anti-Russia reporting is just an attempt to push the US to send its army to the region.

There seems to be enough criticism to go around. But the world should be focussed on bringing peace to Ukraine’s people, and not throwing mud at whoever they disagree with.