It Can’t Get Much Worse For Joe Biden

Joe Biden has been trailing in the polls since early September. Still, a new survey from Quinnipiac University should ring alarm bells and send his political advisers into a frenzy because things can’t get any worse.

Except for his treatment of the coronavirus, President Joe Biden earns unfavorable marks in the double digits on every topic. According to the survey, Americans believe the Biden administration is incompetent at running the country by 55-42 percent.

According to a new Pew Research Center Study, one-quarter of Americans are either highly pleased 5% or moderately content 23% with the way things are going in the country today. Nearly three-quarters of Americans, 72% also say they’re either very or very dissatisfied with the country’s direction.

In terms of the economy, approximately a quarter of Americans, 27%, define it as outstanding or good, while 69% characterize it as not so good 35% or poor 34%. The ferocity with which President Obama’s opponents have attacked him, as well as the ferocity with which his detractors have attacked him, has been startling.

According to the survey, Americans are split on whether or not all soldiers should have been evacuated from Afghanistan, with 28% agreeing with President Joe Biden’s choice and 50% opposing. On the Afghanistan problem, what was accurate at the end of August is not true now.

Joe Biden’s popularity ratings have continued to fall as Afghanistan has receded from the news cycle. According to statistics gathered by The New York Times, the rolling average of newly identified COVID-19 cases nationwide has dropped since mid-September. However, Biden’s average approval rating on the coronavirus issue has stayed stable.

For at least the first half of his first term, inflation and other poor economic news will continue to hurt Biden’s statistics. The media is ready to assist him, but he needs a victory to change the flow in his favorability ratings. Political independents consistently reject Biden and the Democrats on every topic.