It Is Indeed Opportunity To Invest In American Men Once Again

Pornography and video games exemplify the spiritual void that many males in America are experiencing today. Liberals claim that they fill the hole created by men’s withdrawal from jobs, family, community, and self-mastery. They also claim that liberalism’s goal is to denigrate and displace males who partake in these activities.

Liberals realize that their assault on males will only continue if their targets remain mute if conservatives allow left-wing men’s falsehoods to go uncontested. Instead, they attack everyone who admits it.

The number of adult men between the ages of 20 and 64 who are not working, not even seeking a job, but entirely out of the labor force, has more than quadrupled in recent decades. Men are becoming increasingly rare in college classrooms, accounting for just 40% of all college students in the United States. By 2020, almost 18 million children in the United States will be fatherless. That’s about a quarter of all youngsters in the United States.

Doubling down on this goal will exacerbate the challenges that men face because the Left’s program put men in this precarious position in the first place. Its solution to unemployment is more excellent assistance; isolation, legalized “intercourse work”; and male academic failure, medicine for “hyperactive and violent” school-aged males.

For decades, the Left has campaigned to replace “dirty” trades labor with service professions. Today, the ladder of opportunity flows through college, just as the Left had hoped. It implies that it is based on debt that the government supports. The incentives are only given to individuals who graduate with high grades. Because America’s economy aligns with what the Left wants, it has no responsibility for those who don’t.

The Left has been working on a social project that is far more damaging than its economic ambition. It has pathologized the values of bravery, strength, risk-taking, and devotion to stifle the independence they create. If people do not reclaim their independence spirit, the COVID era might foreshadow things to come. And it requires facing the Left’s most divisive campaign head-on, its attempt to eliminate gender itself.

Peggy Drexler says that mothers and dads should focus on the assault on gender equality. In this assault on gender, schools are the point of the spear, and it impacts girls, with attacks on girls’ sports and the abolition of girls’ toilets. From guidance counselors to radical indoctrination, people witness this attack on several fronts.

The message that all of man’s essences are mutable suggests that manhood is worth muting. From boyhood through maturity to fatherhood, people must reject this message. They must unite as a nation to leave the pernicious notion that males are deplorable. The opposite could not be further from the truth.