Jake Sullivan Lives In A ‘Green Fantasy Land’ On Energy

Jake Sullivan appeared on FOX News Sunday with Martha MacCallum last weekend, and Biden’s people are rethinking that decision.

Out of the gate, MacCallum asked Sullivan about Biden’s policy decisions, which have resulted in America going from being energy independent to becoming an importer again. Sullivan responded by saying that we are still a substantial producer of energy.

It is true, but it misses that energy independence gives the United States geopolitical leverage. Leverage that it could be using right now for the crisis in Ukraine. Instead of sending troops to Eastern Europe and escalating the possibility of war, there could have been an interim step using energy policy to influence Russia’s actions.

Sullivan lamely suggested redirecting cargo ships destined for unknown destinations to Europe to compensate for a Russian response of withdrawing its exported natural gas. A few minutes of critical thinking would reveal that such a plan could not scale to meet the needs of Europe in the middle of winter.

He then argues that although we are sacrificing energy independence in the short term, the long-term gains of becoming a green superpower outweigh the loss. Let us not get into the weeds talking about the Utopian ideal of green technology. Fair to say that one of the reasons that Russia has Europe over the barrel on energy is the EU’s dependence on renewables that has not panned out the way everyone thought.

Sullivan makes some vague reference about this being long-term thinking like what China does. China takes a long view of most of its policies, but energy is not one. They have the most coal fire plants globally, by a lot. One of the reasons that manufacturing is so cheap in China is that they completely disregard the environmental impacts of manufacturing, evidenced by some of the worst water and air in the world.

Sullivan wants the American public to live in a fantasy land where solar and wind solve our energy problems. Unfortunately for us, the reality of the administration’s choices will foil that dream soon.