Jamal Simmons: It’s Depressing That “People Can’t Forget His Bad Tweets”

Jamal Simmons, the new communications director for Vice President Kamala Harris, was reminded of an old tweet. He referred to the vaccine the Biden Administration wants to enforce as “a janky scientific vaccination.” Jamal took to Twitter to spill some dirt on Trump’s management of the Coronavirus. He even raised questions on the vaccines being distributed and said that his ill management is why Trump is losing the voters. Vice President Kamala Harris joined in on the bashing.

But the tables have turned so that his tweets are biting back, and Jamal is out to clear his tracks. There have been clear records that Jamal went after two undocumented people that went live on MSNBC and questioned why the ICE was not coming after them. A few months later, the southern border lets in thousands of illegal immigrants a day without any court date. The rise in crime rate, the overburdened economy, the delta variant are all the onsets of the open borders. But surely Jamal and Harries didn’t anticipate the situation and are now trying to cover up with random bullshit that no one bought.

People are having their fun out of Jamal’s horrible coverup and mocking him with statements like, “For the record, I won’t be addressing the harm caused by my ‘bad tweets.’ This whole situation is so depressing that I have decided that I AM the victim here!” It’s not even wrong, quite an accurate statement.

I mean, whatever his intentions may have been, as a communications professional, Jamal, of all people, should’ve realized the consequences of his bad tweet.