James O’Keefe Exposes Secret Center Busing Illegals To Phoenix Airport

Investigative journalist James O’Keefe shared a bombshell video on Wednesday where a person working at what he called a “secretive Migrant Refugee Facility” tried to offer him a bribe to not report on their activities.

Jesus Moreno, the alleged worker at the facility in Phoenix, Arizona, was caught on video demanding that O’Keefe leave the facility — despite the fact that he was not on the property, and was in fact standing on a public sidewalk exercising his First Amendment right while reporting on the illegal immigration crisis.

As O’Keefe attempted to ask questions, Moreno repeatedly accused him of harassment. When asked for his name, Moreno replied “none-ya” — meaning “none of your business.” He gave similar responses when asked other questions, such as who he works for, and slammed the gate of the facility shut in O’Keefe’s face.

Later, while O’Keefe was still reporting outside of the facility, Moreno tried to offer him a bribe from behind the fence, asking: “How much do you guys get paid? I’ll pay you guys.”
A woman could be heard speaking to him in Spanish shortly after that, stating, “Jesus, no digas nada,” which translates to “Do not say anything.”

O’Keefe also spoke with a worker from the International Relief Committee (IRC) — a nonprofit organization with a gross revenue of nearly $1.4 billion in 2021. O’Keefe noted in his reporting that $75 million of the IRC’s funding comes from the European Union, while other funding comes from the private sector and sources such as Catholic Charities.

“So is this a shelter, are they busing migrants to the airport?” O’Keefe asked the IRC worker at the facility.

“I can’t comment, but if you want to talk to, if you get somebody who works here, they can probably comment,” he responded.

O’Keefe then spoke with IRC employee Thomas Robles, who was also identified as a co-executive at the radical pro-open borders political organization Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA). Like Moreno, Robles was extremely combative when questioned about the facility’s activities — accusing O’Keefe of harassment simply for trying to report on the matter.

He even tried to accuse the journalist of being a “domestic terrorist” after O’Keefe asked him for a comment.

Later in the video, O’Keefe tried to speak with a bus driver who was allegedly transporting illegal aliens to the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, but the driver shut the door on him.

In yet another part of the video, O’Keefe was able to speak to one of the illegal aliens, a Venezuelan man who expressed his desire to vote for President Joe Biden in the 2024 election if he is granted asylum. Upon being asked why he would pick Biden over former President Donald Trump, the man claimed that Trump doesn’t like “Hispanic” people and pointed out that Biden had given him the opportunity to bring his family to the United States.