James Woods Calls Out The Left’s “Self-Imposed Terror”

If there’s one celebrity that hilariously trolls the left more than anyone, it’s James Woods. Woods has 2.4 million followers on Twitter and has gained a large following from trolling people. One of the most recent shares from Woods is an obliteration of Twitter’s free speech concerns when it comes to Elon Musk wanting to buy the company.

Woods tweeted, “Why are they afraid of a champion of free speech? Why such a frenzy of self-imposed terror?”

A total breakdown is happening on the left and they’re being forced to voice their opinion otherwise their base will call them out and they’ll look like they’re supportive of Elon Musk taking over Twitter. That’s a huge problem for people who don’t want others to express themselves under free speech laws.

The left doesn’t understand that implementing wider free speech policies on Twitter and other platforms will actually help them. The left truly believes that they’re correct on most of these issues and anyone who disagrees should be silenced. There will come a time that there’s a shift on social media platforms and they might be silenced, censored, and banned for expressing their views just as much as the right.

Many people responded to Woods’ tweet, but one was more accurate than the other. That tweet says, “They’re not gonna have free speech before the primaries and they’re definitely not gonna allow the Hunter Biden hard drive information to be posted!”

Censorship didn’t start with Hunter Biden’s laptop, hard drive or anything related to him, but it was amplified when The New York Post tweeted the Hunter Biden laptop story just before the election and Twitter took it down. When that happened, it continued the drive to censor conservative voices and make sure that the Democrat party was always shown in a positive light.

The left doesn’t take losing very well and when they can’t control speech then they know that key information will get out to the public such as Hunter Biden’s laptop information. That would have destroyed the left’s chances of winning the 2020 election because President Joe Biden would be exposed as a corrupt old man. Without censorship, their narrative breaks down.