Jean-Pierre Stumped When Caught Lying About Migrants Walking Across Southern Border

Joe Biden’s White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was stumped again on Monday by a simple question about the administration’s contradictory and nonsensical COVID-19 vaccine mandate policies.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy pointed to the case of world tennis superstar Novak Djokovic and compared it to the thousands of illegal migrants streaming across the southern border daily.

As a non-U.S. citizen, Djokovic is prohibited from flying into the United States without proof of a COVID-19 vaccination. The guidelines currently issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide that visitors to the U.S. must show proof of full vaccination before boarding a flight bound for the country.

As a result, the world’s number one male player and winner of the second-most Grand Slam titles in history is not playing in the U.S. Open that began this week in New York City.

At Monday’s press briefing, Doocy asked Jean-Pierre why Djokovic is blocked from playing in America’s preeminent tennis tournament while unvaccinated migrants are freely allowed to illegally enter the country along the southern border.

Jean-Pierre attempted to dodge the question by immediately pointing Doocy toward the CDC, a move that would have taken the pressure off of her and the White House to address the obviously cynical contradiction.

When Doocy pressed her, Jean-Pierre blurted out, “They’re two different things.”

Doocy refused to back away and asked how it could be two different things, demanding to know why it is “not okay” for an unvaccinated person to fly in on a plane while an unvaccinated person is allowed to walk directly into Texas or Arizona and stay.

Jean-Pierre then made a ridiculously false statement by saying “that’s not how it works” at the southern border, because “it’s not like somebody walks over.”

Doocy immediately interjected to correct the false statement. He said, “That’s exactly what’s happening! Thousands of people are walking in a day. Some of them turn themselves over. Some of them are caught; tens of thousands a week are not. That is what is happening.”

After staring in stunned silence for a moment, Jean-Pierre found her talking points in her binder and launched into an administration statement about Biden’s border policies.

Later in the day, Fox News reporter Bill Melugin commented on the exchange. Melugin has spent months reporting at the border with first-hand accounts of the crisis created there by the Biden administration.

He tweeted that his colleague Doocy is “100% correct. That is exactly what is happening at the border. Not sure how many more videos we have to show, multiple times a day, to get this point across.”