Jen Psaki Truly Made A Fool Of Herself This Time

At this point, most of the American public is pretty familiar with White House press secretary Jen Psaki. As an employee for Joe Biden, she regularly stands before the media and lies on behalf of the president.

Some of Psaki’s most remarkable moments include her trying to spin a narrative asserting that online shoppers in the United States are responsible for the ongoing supply chain crisis.

The White House press secretary has also falsely claimed on numerous occasions that Biden’s pathetically low approval ratings are due to Americans’ frustration with COVID rather than Biden’s leadership.

However, in a recent turn of events, Psaki took making a fool of herself to an entirely new level, as Twitchy confirms.

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy is known for asking the White House press secretary real questions, rather than the softball ones she’s used to getting from leftist outlets.

This week, one of the questions dealt with the rising number of aides to Vice President Kamala Harris announcing their resignations.

To this end, Doocy questioned Psaki on whether or not Harris doesn’t like the people working for her or if the vice president’s aides don’t care for Harris being their boss.

Psaki responded by declaring Harris appreciates all the staff on her team. The White House press secretary then claimed Symone Sanders, the latest Harris aide to leave, is brilliant and will go on to do extraordinary things.

Later, Doocy followed up with a different question. This time, the Fox News correspondent questioned Psaki about the rise in violent looting and thefts in various leftist cities like San Francisco.

When Doocy asked what Biden’s plans are to get this lawlessness under control, Psaki responded by stating COVID is to blame. She did not give an honest answer about how Joe Biden plans to handle this mess.

Psaki has become infamous for spinning false narratives on the Biden administration. However, this problem is that there’s only so much you can turn into something before the lie becomes utterly unbelievable.

Cities across the nation have been forced to face COVID. They are not all dealing with looters stealing items and attacking innocent people who happen to be in the area.

Blaming this on the virus is an absolute joke. It’s also a sign that the Biden administration doesn’t have a single plan to get crime under control.