Jennifer Rubin Loses The Plot

Some journalists shill for the Democrats because it aligns with their values and then some must be getting paid secretly via Bitcoin by the White House (allegedly). Case in point.

When this was written, let us remove the possibility that she was under the influence of an illicit street drug using one of Biden’s Health and Human Services free crack pipes. Let us also strike out the timeline where this audition for the Babylon Bee accidentally got out into the wild. No, we will move forward on the presumption that this was an actual attempt at publishing real-world content.

Where to begin? How about the magical rise in gas prices in the last two weeks to record highs? Biden has refused to unleash American energy. As a result, the President had to schedule an emergency trip to Saudi Arabia while sending officials to Venezuela to beg Maduro for oil. Not a good look. But let us not get bogged down in appearances. We can talk about Biden’s vaunted last-minute deterrent strategy failing miserably and Ukraine getting its butt kicked. But look on the bright side, Adidas has stopped doing business in Russia, so no more tracksuits for Putin’s henchmen. Russia is sure to fall any day now.

On the bright side, in the last week or two, tensions have ratcheted up so high that we are closer to World War III than any other time since the 80s (I would go long on Potassium Iodide tablets if I were you). Then, of course, food inflation is crushing everybody, not part of the establishment. Most normal thinkers would call the last week or two a complete disaster. But not Ms. Rubin. It seemed impossible to obnoxiously virtue signal while simultaneously spreading max propaganda, but she has expertly achieved both goals with this tweet.

I hope the White House bitcoin is worth it (allegedly).