JetBlue Kicks Man Off Flight For LGB Mask

Flight attendants are given wide latitude for dealing with passengers given the potential for safety concerns in the air. Most flight attendants are honorable people with demanding jobs. A good rule of thumb is to always comply with directions because problems on planes are always covered by Federal laws, which have big hammers, including being placed on the no-fly list. That is why you should try and avoid the controversy of any kind in the air. That said, you can run into a snowflake flight attendant and it can still ruin your day.

We used to be able to disagree in this country. Even during the height of the Trump years, you could wear a “Make America Great Again” hat on a flight and not have an issue. Liberal snowflakes cannot handle that their man is quite possibly the worst president ever. President Biden (and the disaster of Vice President Kamala Harris) is polling so low it cannot go much lower. True believers like this flight attendant will still vote for him and use whatever power they must to punish people who disagree. Everyone is waiting for JetBlue to release their good mask slogans with bated breath.

Why are people still required to wear masks on planes anyway? The entire country has already moved on. Unfortunately, there is momentum to the restrictions and groups of people desperately unwilling to give up unearned power. Even Fauci is relegated to talking about the risks of TB in Ukraine. Although with recent developments, the good doctor may explain, as no one will be surprised if there is a Fauci link to the newly discovered bio-labs in Ukraine.

One of the bright spots in the political landscape is Senator Rand Paul is sponsoring a bill to force a vote on the mask mandate.

Given the COVID polling, some democrats may vote to rescind the mandate. One thing is for sure, snowflake flight attendants will be sad to see it go.