Jim Acosta Complains ‘Journalism is under attack’

Jim Acosta complained that “journalism is under attack” on CNN while discussing the new “Endangered” documentary about journalism in the United States, Mexico and Brazil. The documentary followed journalists for one year.

During an interview with Ronan Farrow, Acosta said, “Yeah, I mean, as the truth is under attack, journalists are under attack. It only goes that one would follow the other. And as part of the documentary, you follow a journalist for The Guardian named Oliver who was out covering the Trump campaign in 2020. I probably saw him from time to time.”

CNN then aired a clip of Oliver Laughland, who Acosta was referring to, at a Trump rally. Laughland asked a female if she was upset that a local paper, The Vindicator, was shut down.

The female responded, “No. It’s just a sign of the times. They’re a dying industry because they are left-wing progressives, we are not left-wing progressives, so we stopped buying the newspaper. We stopped them just having one point of view, the Democrats. Why am I going to pay for a paper that calls me all kinds of names because I’m a conservative Republican? That’s why they’re a dying industry.”

This even extends to large news outlets as well. CNN+ was shut down 30 days after its release because they didn’t generate the interest that they thought they would.

Laughland continued, “Don’t you think that, though, this community has a right to have accountability journalism in it, though? Because that’s what the function of that paper was. It was to hold the powerful to account.”

The female answered, “No, I don’t believe they did. I’m not going to buy a newspaper that doesn’t reflect my views.”

It goes further than a newspaper reflecting views, though. If people don’t trust them because they might be dishonest in their reporting or skew their information to favor one party over the other then they’re going to go out of business. If you have a bad product, people won’t buy it.