Jim Jordan: 14 FBI Whistleblowers Have Come Forward

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said on Sunday that the number of whistleblowers from the FBI that have approached his office since last week’s raid of Mar-a-Lago has grown to 14.

The ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee disclosed the number of whistleblowers to Fox News host Trey Gowdy during “Sunday Night in America.”

Jordan was appearing alongside former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to discuss the search warrant for President Donald Trump’s Florida residence obtained by Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland and executed by the FBI.

Jordan told Gowdy that the American public has figured out the lie generated by the far left, reported by the corporate media, and amplified by Big Tech. He said that many honest agents inside the FBI have also “figured it out.”

He described the 14 FBI agents who have approached his office seeking whistleblower status as all good people, and it is those “at the top who are the problem.”

In addition to the Trump warrant, Jordan said agents have wanted to discuss a “whole host of issues.” He said those include the politicization of the agency in going after ordinary parents objecting to local school board policies.

The additional whistleblowers who have come forward in the last week are in addition to six FBI agents Jordan told Fox News host Laura Ingraham about two months ago. Those earlier whistleblowers approached the Judiciary Committee regarding the school board controversy and the events of January 6, 2021.

Jordan told Ingraham in June that he wrote to FBI Director Christopher Wray in June to alert him that agents had advised him that the bureau was “purging” agents and employees who dared to express any politically conservative views.

In the Senate, ranking Judiciary Committee member Sen.Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has also indicated that his office has received reports from FBI whistleblowers related to the agency’s investigation of Hunter Biden and his infamous abandoned laptop.

Jordan told Gowdy on Sunday that the trail of agents who are declaring “this has to stop” is growing, and said, “Thank goodness for them.”

The Congressman expressed his hope that Americans will turn out to vote in Republican majorities in the House and Senate in November. Jordan said that if that comes to pass, the GOP will be ready to carry out a “bevy of investigations.”