Joe Biden COVID-19 Vax Mandate And The Death Of Freedom

Biden thinks that he can command almost every American with a job to get the vaccine. He said, “it’s not about freedom,” and he is right. It’s about tyranny.

On Thursday night, President Biden, in his now customary disdainful and disruptive vein, read the teleprompter that told him to dictate to Americans and the organizations we work. What a nice guy! He’s just regular ole’ Joe spouting off nonsense.

Unfortunately, over half the country and most employers believe that the utterances of this dementia-riddled geriatric madman have the force of law. Our nation has become a sick dark comedy, and no one is laughing.

Joe Biden hates the American public. He has benefited his own family and friends at our expense for years and continues to do so from the land’s highest office. He has set out to undo the triumphs of President Trump in less than one year.

Suppose you are a refugee from Afghanistan or an illegal alien from Mexico, Latin America, South America, or any foreign nation approaching our now porous southern border. In that case, you will not be inspected, tested, or treated for COVID-19. You get a free pass directly to Go or Cleveland and collect $200. It’s like the President is playing a 2-year old’s version of Monopoly, where rules are whatever he wants them to be. But for citizens, it’s a different story. He’s going to have your employer, police, or government agents track you down and jab you or make your life miserable if he can not find you.

Biden’s economic destruction by backing nearly $10T in radical spending, much of which will secretly find its way into the pockets of friends and contractors, is only a means to an end. When Biden’s calamitous military weakness discredits our leadership and gives Afghanistan to the Taliban, Bagram Airfield to China, and $90B in weapons, vehicles, and technology to terrorists, he indicates his intention to leave Asia. He’s got more important fish to fry back home.

His kitchen cabinet is the most extraordinary collection of incompetent or corrupt losers we have ever assembled. It’s like the Avengers of Failure. The endgame for Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Lloyd Austin, and Mark Milley is explicitly undercutting U.S. values, history, honor, and dignity. Focusing on CRT, “white rage,” and social justice are distractions when they intend to abandon Americans to the Taliban, ISIS, Iran, and China.

Biden is more concerned about stopping the roaming evil of unvaccinated people. The virus isn’t the big problem. On the 20th anniversary of the worst attack on our soil, the biggest threat to American freedom is not terrorism. According to Joe, we are in danger because some people have elected to manage their health risks.

What is the opposite of anti-vaxxers? Vax-cultists believe a magical shot will prevent, cure, and solve all the diseases in the world. Remember when Big Pharma was not to be trusted. That was so in 2019! The saints of this cult are researchers and product development specialists in Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson. And Anthony Fauci is the high priest.

Yet according to the World Health Organization, yes WHO, the weekly U.S. COVID-19 deaths in August 2020 were 32,983, and in August 2021, there were 33,617 Americans who died with the virus. After vaccines, treatments, and therapeutics, more people have been killed by this virus.

According to Joe Biden, humanity can’t survive COVID-19 without 100% vaccine compliance. Even if this was effective, this mentality is disgustingly authoritative. The fact that these treatments are failing doesn’t seem to adjust his actions or penetrate his mind.

He flat out lied to the public when he said that the spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are due to the lack of vaccination. New cases are among the completely inoculated in the U.S. and Great Britain, Israel, and Sweden. Natural immunity is more effective than vaccination, and more soldiers have died because of vaccines than from COVID-19.

Stopping Biden means putting the brakes on this entire plan, starting in Congress, our states, and courts if necessary. We cannot allow him to run roughshod over our freedoms.