Joe Biden Is Doing Anything He Can To Cover For Hunter

Within recent years, Americans are learning more and more about the scandalous details involving first son Hunter Biden. From the laptop to photos of Hunter smoking and posing with escorts, there’s quite a bit of information out there about him.

It’s been confirmed many times over at this point that Hunter used his father’s name in order to conduct international business arrangements in Ukraine and China. Hunter wasn’t alone in his. His father was involved, as was his uncle and the president’s brother, Jim Biden.

Recently, Americans found out that federal officials have enough proof to bring charges against Hunter for tax violations, along with fraud while buying a gun.

When Joe Biden was asked about this during a CNN interview, he gave quite the response.

Biden on His Son’s Criminal Acts
Considering the charges Hunter could soon be facing, Biden was asked by CNN what he makes of all this from both individual and political standpoints.

The president responded by saying he’s “proud” of Hunter. Regarding Hunter’s addictions to drugs, Biden claimed his son moved past this and went on to start a new life.

Later, Biden told CNN that he believes Hunter’s version of events about what happened concerning his taxes and acquisition of a firearm. The president specifically said he has “confidence” in Hunter, who’s now been on “the straight and narrow” in recent years.

From this interview, it was very clear to most people that Biden didn’t wish to go into explicit detail regarding the legal issues his son faces.

More Happening Behind the Scenes?
Amid growing evidence of Hunter Biden being knowingly shielded by the FBI, some Americans are doubting he will ever face charges, despite any proof officials may have.

This, too, has been speculated as one of several reasons that Biden isn’t too worried about the latest developments involving his son. After all, Biden’s previously claimed Hunter is the smartest individual he knows.

Despite what the president says about his son, Americans can easily read between the lines. If anyone else without the connections of the Biden family committed alleged tax crimes and lied on documentation while trying to purchase a firearm, they’d likely already be incarcerated.