Joe Biden Is Not The Dictator You Expected, And He Is Destroying Free Speech

Remember how the liberal drive-by media wanted you to fear Donald Trump? They tried to convince you that the evil Donald Trump was a dictator because he constantly pushed back on media attacks. According to Foreign Policy and CNN’s parrot Jim Acosta, Trump would take over this country because he supports the military and instills patriotic values. Yes, that was the path to a strong man dictator with orange skin and floppy hair. 

Joe Biden is an anti-President, a pretender in the pulpit, and a pseudo-leader. His maladministration is run by lackeys and revolutionaries that use him as cover for their perverted statist agenda. Tucked inside their election bill is a position that would enforce stringent draconian speech codes. What is next, ending the physical dollar bill? Blood tests for everyone? A social credit score like China? Don’t blink, or you will miss it. 

Democrats do not compromise. Repeat that with me: ‘Democrats do not compromise.’ They only retreat, regroup, and attack another angle. The communist proposition on controlling elections and campaign finance is mixed with toxic speech limitations. 

Turning the Federal Election Commission (FEC) into a branch of the Democrat Party will finance laws that prohibit patriotic organizations from participating in our democracy. The fact that a party claiming to support the popular will is focused on destroying it is not hypocrisy. Is it a devilish falsehood from the depths of hell?

In 1975, the FEC was founded to track down and prevent crimes like Watergate. It has six positions equally split between Democrats and Republicans. President Nixon attempted to weaponize FBI intel against political adversaries. Now that is commonplace. Just look at James Comey and Christopher Wray. Whatever the FEC is doing is not working, so the Democrats have concocted a scheme to overhaul the agency and flank the committee with a new czar position, effectively rendering it impotent. 

The so-called Freedom to Vote Act has a position designated by the president in the FEC and rigs any court’s ability to audit FEC rulings against litigants. So, the dictator’s word enacted through his Vizier of Truth is final. The liberal’s aggression toward free speech cannot be understated. They also want to double the statute of limitations on campaign finance laws to 10 years so that they can put more people like Dinesh D’Souza in jail.

Sneaking this into their election bill reveals their plan all along. Democrats want to make it simpler to cheat and more challenging to catch them. The new FEC regulations scrap the bipartisan prerequisite for authorization activity. There would be no way to prevent Democrat agents from taking out Republicans. 

Further, in Chevron USA, Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc., the Supreme Court ruled that the organization’s interpretation should win if a law depends on more than one understanding. So, don’t worry if we are confused about what this law is supposed to do and how it affects our vote. The new Speech Czar will tell you what to think.

Using the FEC General Council as their Speech Czar and Vizier of Truth means a bureaucrat would have power over the entire agency. Lawyers who worked for former Democrat Senator Tom Daschle (SD), Harry Reid (NV), and Joe Biden have held this job. Do you get the picture? Your liberties will be eroded if leftists get their way on any of their proposals. And it has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump.